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About us

Welcome to the STC blog, and thank you for joining us on our journey through the modern world of bits and bytes, its challenges and solutions, attack vectors, and defenses. We are technology enthusiasts, Linux users, and, in short, a cybersecurity team interested in improving things made of “cyber cyber”. Our approach to staying ahead in an increasingly complex digital threat landscape combines interest, fun, and passion with professionalism and quality. Are we saving the world? Probably not, but we aim to make a positive contribution through our efforts in advanced security analysis and research, as well as by sharing knowledge through comprehensive tutorials.

Does an organization shape its people, or do the people shape the organization? For us, it’s the latter, and that’s how this blog came to be. Everyone brings their talents, strengths, and interests, striving to add value to the team. Whether you’re a security professional looking to deepen your knowledge, a developer or operator seeking to strengthen applications and infrastructure, or simply an individual curious about digital security; you can find information here helping you to make projects more secure.

We are always eager to engage in discussions, learn, and share new perspectives and solutions. Together, let’s demystify the complexities of cybersecurity, expose vulnerabilities, and share effective solutions. Join us in our quest to secure the digital landscape!


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